Monday, April 28, 2014

Top 100 Reasons to Love ~ Book Review ARC

Is a compilation of 12 authors. I am familiar with Julie Kent and Michelle Fox and have several of their books, which I love to read and always look forward to more books from them. I really like that most of these stories deal with big bodacious women creating a story line that empowers them as well as showing everyone that those gorgeous men love BBW women. Some of the stories are contemporary and not my usual style of reading since I like to escape into the world of make believe. They were too real to me though some were very well written. I picked up 3 new authors to read so it was well worth my money.  

1st Billionaire by Julie Kent
An intriguing story line involving two best friends who are secret billionaires that shared a deceased lover and how they start to move forward. I love how Laura the BBW woman Dylan choses is made to feel beautiful. Seriously sometimes men are just plain blind with what they don't understand. I can't wait to see how they clear this misunderstanding up. Really need to read the next book.

Her 2nd Billionaire by Julie Kent
Wow what a shocker and I love how Julie Kent worked out Mike's secret dating with Laura but wow what an ending and now I have to read the NEXT book it was so good and I need to know what happened between the two best friends and Laura. I got all the next books in this series and I really have enjoyed all of them.

Me, Cinderella? by Aubrey Rose
Another BBW story where Cinderella meets her Prince. This is by far one of the most unusual writing styles I have ever read. At first I had a hard time getting into it but, I stuck it out and it will definitely be one of those stories that will stick in my mind for a very long time if not forever. Just downloaded the next part of this story because I just have to know if they can survive the ups and down and end up together.

First Moon by Michelle Fox
Tao is a werewolf torn between love for his brother Nick and saving Audrey, a curvy beauty in his opinion but not hers. This story is much more than loving a woman who doesn't feel she's slim enough or pretty enough. It's about making choices while loving both his brother and this new woman in their life. One of them has to go or maybe both. Michelle Fox kept you anxious as she unfolded this story because many of us have been in a position where we have had to make decisions between our family and someone we love. This is worth reading and I am looking forward to more of this series.

The Billionaire's Ultimatum: His Absolute Need by Cerys du Lys
Jessika's temporary job lands her in an unusual position with married billionaire, Asher. The twists and turns to this story though appearing confusing actually had me slow down in my reading speed so I could catch the small things that make this story unique. Though a small part of me rebelled in the married man hero, after reading it I was able to enjoy how true love wins out.

Taming the Alpha by Adriana Hunter
An unlikely matchup between Jax a very hot Alpha werewolf shifter and BBW stripper Nikki. This story combines love, murder, shifters, oh did I mention very hot love scenes. So good I just downloaded the sequel Claiming the Alpha because I really want to know how this continues.

Two's a Couple, Three's the Law by Eve Langlais 
Pete and Anthony are big hot alpha men and Chloe is a very lucky women. Storyline is a little flat in some areas but excelled in others. Definitely worth trying other books from this author.

Remember Our Song by Emma South
I don't usually read these types of books preferring pure fantasy as opposed to stories more real life. I had a hard time getting into the story in some areas but toward the end there was letter of such love that Jeremy left Bea that shattered my heart. That letter showed a depth to this writer that called to me.

Laid Bear by Marina Maddix
A very cute story about Max a werebear shifter and Bethany the next door neighbor. The next one Laid Bared 2 would be worth reading.

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy
This was a very emotional book about 2 fractured people who loved each other since childhood but can't get over their past. Not my usual read but my heart was in my throat and I couldn't put it down. 

The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long by Marian Tee
Wow interesting plot between rock star Dylan and young Bree. For myself I couldn't handle what he put her through no matter how much I loved him. But then again all of us are shattered in one way or another and Marian's writing handles it with finesse.

Skin Deep by Dez Burke
I love that she shows Angela as a strong women and committed to her beliefs while she negotiates her contract and time spent with billionaire scarred race driver Shane. Dez Burke shows how caring and love can change someone so fractured and lost. 

Champagne Kisses by Krista Lakes
I am still crying in the aftermath of reading this book. Written with compassion for lost loves that couldn't forget each other it tore my heart apart as they negotiated meeting again 20 years later. I want to see what happens to the other characters in her books in this series and especially the past ones so I can tie it all together.

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