Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review: Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose

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Billionaire playboy Robert Chatham is as bloodthirsty as it gets. Snarky and self-obsessed, he has a new girl every day of the week. What the London tabloids don’t know is the reason Robb acts like a lady-killer: to avoid having to kill them. A four-hundred year old vampire, he feeds and moves on, never getting attached to any girl.

Until Liz.

A shy American transplant in the heart of London, Liz is slaving away on her grad school project: working to find a cure for the blood cancer that her younger sister died from years ago. Dead focused on her studies, she’s more interested in the chemistry of hemoglobin than in the chemistry between her and any guy.

Until Robb.

After an old vampire friend comes asking for a favor, Robb has to choose between repaying a life debt and chasing after the one girl who’s broken through his emotional walls. And when Liz stumbles upon evidence that seems to solve the puzzle of his mysterious seclusion, she confronts him in his lab. Only the dark secret she thought she had uncovered turns out to be something even more terrifying.

With a dead body in the trunk of his Porsche and a vial of cancerous blood in the pocket of her lab coat, Robb and Liz are heading for a collision course that will change both of their lives forever.

~ Series ~ These books should be read in order
Heartbitten Book 1
Bloodstricken Book 2 Out Now

~ My Review ~ 4 STARS
This is a very entertaining vampire story with a bored snobby Billionaire playboy Robb (Robert Chatham) who just happens to be a vampire and a very backwards, shy PHD major from America, Liz. But things aren’t always what they seem and as the story progresses you learn to love Robb and you see that he is truly an amazing soul.

Liz didn’t catch my attention till about half way through the book. I felt her character was not a strong as Robb’s though she was very likeable and able to stand up against Robb’s pushing her to have his way. I do love her dedication to find a cure and how she is fine with who she is.

Secondary characters are always interesting and this book has a few. There is Thaddeus a villain of course who is definitely part of the story line and I can see him coming back in a sequel. Liz’s roommate and lab partner, Jenny as well as Gerry, Robb’s stoic butler play heavy in the progression of the storyline.

Both Robb and Liz’s characters expand throughout the story and the ending has you wanting to know more. I am heading over to read the next book in this series “BloodStricken”. Come join me!

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Aubrey Rose

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Rose lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances. When she's not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully. 

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