Friday, August 19, 2016

#BookBloggerHop Aug. 19th - 25th - Do you read via eBook and why

Book Blogger Hop
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This week’s question is submitted by Teri at Sportochick's Musings!

Aug. 19th - 25th - Do you read via eBook and if so which one/ones and why?(submitted by Teri) 

I am excessive... I will admit!

Also not shown in the picture is a Nook Glowlight and a Kindle Paperwhite both great for reading in the sun. I have discovered many things I like and dislike about all of them. My go to is my iPad as I can install all apps on it and since I have a data plan with it I can download new books at anytime. I was traveling with all of them till my daughter showed me how to install the Kindle app to my Nook. Then I didn't bring the Kindle Fire HDX but I brought both the Nook Glowlight and a Kindle Paperwhite since I didn't know which book I would be reading and if it would be on Nook or Kindle.

Nook Samsung

  • I love that I can install the Kindle application and have both on the same device so I know if I have a certain book in either Nook or Kindle form.
  • It was my first eBook and I am prejudice to it though B&N have not supported the software or made the software more user friendly.
  • Great when ordering new books from an author. It shows all the books I have already bought.
  • They lack the excitement of wanting to support the enduser.
Kindle Fire HDX

  • Great software that takes my collections across all device that have the software installed.
  • Love the easy access to Goodreads
  • Not as user friendly when ordering new books.
  • The ability to allow people to send books straight to your Kindle if they are on your approved list is awesome.
  • Use Kindle application 90% of time since most of my books are delivered via publishers and authors in that format.

Nook Glowlight and a Kindle Paperwhite

  • Awkward because of the pixel and size so viewing libraries and other books is remedial
  • Great for the weight and reading at night or outside.
  • About equal in all other ways

So I will no longer be excessive since I learned the trick to all these applications. But I will not get rid of any of my treasured eBooks till they die....

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  1. WOW, Teri, I can see you're a real fan of ebooks! You sure are knowledgeable abou all the different devices!

    Of course, since you travel so much, ebooks make perfect sense for you. As for me, I can barely tolerate them, lol. I will ALWAYS prefer printed books!

    Happy Reading! Have a GREAT weekend!! :)

    1. I love the smell of books.....but I read so fast and am gone almost half the year. I refuse to give up reading. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Hi, again! Although I replied to your comment on my blog, I came back to yours to give you the link for Edelweiss. This is a website, similar to NetGalley, where you can request free ebooks for review, just as you can on NetGalley.

      Here's the link:

      Hope you're having a GREAT Sunday! Thanks for commenting back!! :)

    3. Thank you Maria. I will check it out after I get back from China.

  2. I absolutely love e-books as well but I solely only buy indie e-books because there are much more cheaper than the traditional publishing e-books. I also have a kindle fire, kindle paperwhite and my iPad that goes every where with me. Thank you for stopping by my Blog Hop.

    1. Katiria thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your comments and see that you like all the eBook gadgets as well.