Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Review - Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

Caine's Reckoning (Hell's Eight #1)
~ Categories ~ Western, Romance, Erotica
~ Blurb ~ 
Caine Allen is a hardened Texas Ranger, definitely not the marrying kind. But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town, the preacher calls in a favor. One Caine's honor won't let him refuse. From the moment he beds Desi, Caine knows turmoil will follow. Desi might have the face of a temptress, but she also has a will of iron and while she needs his protection, she's determined that no man will control her again. They establish an uneasy bond, but it isn't enough for Caine. He wants all Desi has to offer. He wants her screams, her moans, her demands...everything. Yet there's still a bounty on Desi's head, and keeping her sexually satisfied is proving easier than keeping her alive.

~ My Review ~
Well seriously I DO NOT like reading books about cowboys but read it because of a book club I belong to.......but now I have to change my mind at least for this series. 

Caine though a hardened Texas Ranger knows how to calm a wild horse. So who better to lay claim to Desi and help her overcome her horrible experiences. I really love a man who gets who you are and knows how to take his time to get what he wants and it happens to be Desi. 

Desi yikes I love her spunk and many people would be so broken by what happened to her. Her reaction to everything was very believable. Emotions she struggled through were realistic and drew me completely into their lives.

This book has romance and very steamy loves scenes. There are some scenes that Desi flashes back to that are not for the faint of heart but they are not dwelled on and are necessary for the plot of the story. The author did an amazing job of portraying their thoughts and actions as they struggled to have a personal and sexual relationship while keeping Desi alive. 

Now I may have to get me a cowboy because all the cowboys from Hell's Eight got my attention and have been added my buy/read list. You should read this book just so you can experience the interaction between Caine and Desi. I recommend that if you don't read westerns that you give this a try. I am glad I did. 

~ My Rating ~           
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~ About The Author ~
Sarah has traveled extensively throughout her life, living in other cultures, sometimes in areas where electricity was a concept awaiting fruition and a book was an extreme luxury. While she could easily adjust to the lack of electricity, living without the comfort of a good book was intolerable. To fill the void, she bought pencil and paper and sketched out her own story. In the process, Sarah discovered the joy of writing. 

Sarah writes what she loves to read; fast paced stories with vivid dialogue, intense emotion and well developed characters. Her attention to detail in her stories has earned her multiple awards and a reserved spot on Keeper shelves everywhere.
Sarah writes for Ellora's Cave, Harlequin HQN, Harlequin SPICE, Berkley HEAT and Berkley SENSATION.

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