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Book Review: Shifting Fates: Revenge Book 4 by Aubrey Rose & Nadia Simonenko

~ Categories ~ Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance

~ Blurb & Excerpt ~ 
Book Four of SHIFTING FATES! From New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko comes a darkly erotic werebear shifter romance that will thrill you like never before. 

A mission to save his new family… and a chance to avenge his brother...

The military has kidnapped Kit and the twins to use for medical research, and Cage and Bindi are desperate. There’s no way past the armory’s spotlights and guard towers, and armed guards patrol the wall day and night. Even if they could get in, how could they possibly get all the children out again? 

They need to break into the armory, and they need help from Nim and Emma to do it. Can they really trust the shifter who betrayed them in the first place, though? Will Emma betray Bindi, jealous of her connection to Cage? 

The children’s lives hang in the balance... 

*** a Shifter Romance Series that will pull at your heartstrings *** 

“We’ll figure something out,” Cage says.
“How do you know?” Tears slide down my cheeks and I hopelessness comes seeping back into my bones. “What if they’re already dead? What if -- ”
“Bindi. They’re your family. Yours and mine both now.” Cage raises my hands and presses his lips to my knuckles. “And no matter what we have to do, we’ll get them back. They can’t keep families apart, Bindi, not when we’re willing to die to be together.”
I look up at him in wonder.
“You would die for them?”
“I would die for you.”

Warning: This is a sexually explicit shifter erotic romance! For mature audiences only!

~ Series ~ These books should be read in order
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Shifting Fates: Uncaged Book 2
Shifting Fates: Betrayal Book 3
Shifting Fates: Book Revenge 4
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~ My Review ~

This book starts off very fasted paced and stays that way throughout the book as Bindi and Cage work quickly to get the kids back from the soldiers.

The authors do an outstanding job as they work through the book keeping you so enthralled with all the strategic planning and fighting going on that you can't put the book down. Intermixed in this dynamic story is a very steamy, hot, love scene between Bindi and Cage.

For me one part stands out. There is a scene between Bindi, Cage and Emma where I cried as these three deal with how Emma feels about Cage and vice versa. What a beautiful piece of writing showing Cages empathy for how Emma feels for him and him not using her love but their friendship to get her to help them save the children. 

Further more, Nim the shifter betrayer, plays a big part in this book. His character has developed in such a manner that he is coming forefront as an outstanding character. I can't wait to read the next book and see what this teenager barely a man does.

~ My Rating ~ 

~ About The Authors ~

Aubrey Rose

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Rose lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances. When she's not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully. 

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Nadia Simonenko

Nadia Simonenko is a scientist and author currently living in Pennsylvania with her husband, two cats and a dog. When she isn’t writing, she develops new drug compounds and dreams about someday painting her office to look like a forest.

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