Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Blogger Hop May 6th - 12th ~ Why did I start My Blog

Book Blogger Hop
The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly hop hosted by Rambling of a Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is submitted by Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews!

May 6th - 12th - Why did you start your blog? (submitted by Elizabeth) 

In April 2014 my husband decided to retire and it threw me into a panic. I was already partially retired due to health and I was reading about 3 books a day at that time. I went into crisis mode about the amount of money I spent on books and worried I couldn't support my reading habits. 

So before you go "There is always the library" on me, most the genre I like the library doesn't have, has limited stock, doesn't carry, plus I travel when I sew costumes so I can be gone for months at a time. So I thought what better way to slow me down then to review what I was reading. I loved the thought of discussing what I read with my family and friends but most of them don't read the books that I enjoy. So writing my blog is like talking to a BFF that shares my reading genre loves .

I researched other book blogs, talked to a few book reviewers and eventually got turned onto NetGalley. I love NetGalley and have been able to read authors I would never have given a second thought to.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment with you blog answer so I can stop by for a visit.

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  1. That's a very good reason to start a blog! Thanks for visiting mine! Happy reading!

  2. NetGalley and blogging are great ways to get our hands on books and find genres and authors we wouldn't have before. In the end... a love of reading unites us all! Thank you for stopping by Reading Lark After Dark this week!

    1. Tevya I agree about Netgalley and it was wonderful of you to stop by.

  3. You have a VERY unique reason for starting your blog, Teri! I don't think anyone else has started blogging about books in order to slow down their reading. I'm a slow reader myself, so I sure don't need any more slowing down, but working on my blog has done just that, and I'm not happy about it..... :(

    I like to read slowly enough that I will be able to get immersed in a book, but I would like to read a bit faster. However, at this point in time, I just can't see giving up blogging!

    I used to HATE e-books, and wouldn't go near them. Now I have more than 100 on my Kindle app, on my cell phone! Lol. But I still prefer printed books. I imagine e-books are perfect for you, though, with all the traveling you do!

    Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my own BBH post!! <3 :)

    1. Maria thanks so much for the visit. I have over 1,000 ebooks on both Kindle and Nook ;) but my husband doesn't know..

  4. I can definitely see why you decided to begin blogging given the circumstances, Teri. And I'm glad you did. :-)

  5. Yeah, I can see how that would stress you out - not being able to read as fast as you're used to! I hope you enjoy your blogging! It certainly gobbles up reading time!

    1. Yikes it sure does. I seem to spend lots of time at it. Thanks for stopping by.