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INTERVIEW with Author Michelle Fox

Welcome Author Michelle Fox........
i have read and reviewed many of your books and quite honestly look forward to your new ones with great joy. So let's share somethings about you with my readers. 

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1. If we were to sneak up on you writing what would the scene look like?
There would be stuff everywhere. I work in utter chaos! On my desk.... A water bottle, a can of seltzer and a mug of tea. I always have a tin of Altoids and some chocolate. Plus, stacks of paper with my notes scrawled all over them. And there's probably a dog sleeping at my feet. Oh, and things taped to the walls; character lists, calendars, things I want to remember. Anything readers send me (Christmas cards, little gifts etc...) can also be found on my desk. (And yes that means I have holiday cards from years past. I don't throw them out because I'm super sentimental!)

2. When did you know you wanted to be an author? 
I started writing around the age of ten and I sent my first submission to a publisher when I was twelve. They passed. It was a children's book entitled 'The Witch of Wittinghawk.' 

3. What obstacle did you have to overcome to make this happen?
My family told me I couldn't make it in the arts. Since I was so young, I believed them. (Parenting tip: If a kid wants to be an artist, don't kill that! Art happens no matter what and you're just delaying the inevitable. Allow kids to develop their skills so they can hit the ground running as adults<---this makes a material difference in how long it takes to launch their careers.)

4. What is one thing you'd like your readers to get from your books?
I hope they find at least one surprise they didn't see coming and something that makes them giggle. I often ask myself 'what would be a complete surprise here?' and 'what would be funny?' as I'm writing. It helps make the book a page-turner.

5. Of all your book heroes which is your favorite one, what book is he in and why did you choose him?
I really like Tao from First Moon. He has dark hair and blue eyes, which is my personal favorite combination and he's such a sweetheart. Although, I have to say, I'm really loving Ryder from my upcoming book, The Alpha's Fight. He's a former MMA fighter who has a really sweet relationship with his grandmother. I'm a sucker for men who love their nanas--grandmas are the best!

6. How about your favorite book heroine, which is your favorite one, what book is she in and why?
Audrey from First Moon and Chloe from The Alpha's Mate. (Sorry, I have to pick two for this one!)  Audrey just goes through so much as she is changed into a werewolf. She showed up in my head super smart and capable and I admire her a lot. As for Chloe, she rips off someone's head in a major girl power moment. What's not to love?

7. Can you share what this year will look like as far as new books coming out?
I have a new novel coming out this winter, The Alpha's Fight. Editing is taking forever so no firm release date yet, but it's written and done. I'm just whipping it into shape for publication. I have a fun series coming out in late spring that's still top secret, so that will have to be a surprise. But it's new and something you've never seen from me before. I also want to get another Maidens book out and work on some new projects over the summer.

8. What is the most unusual thing about you that others don’t know and you are willing to share
I'm actually really quiet and shy. I'm a nervous talker and if I haven't seen you in a while, I will talk your ear off, but once I've gotten everything out, I shut up. And just in case that's boring...I've met Hugh Jackman twice. Mostly because I followed him all over NYC years ago. He's adorable and very kind. More importantly, he didn't turn me in as a stalker.

(Readers don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the article for my reviews of her books)

USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox lives in the Midwest with her husband, kids, the occasional exchange student and two sweetly disobedient dogs. She loves fantasy and romance, which makes writing paranormal romance a natural fit. She also thinks her readers rock and always enjoys hearing from them!

In addition to writing, Michelle is the founder of the Wolf Pack, an active Facebook community for shifter romance fans. Plus, she helps run various author coops including Red Hot Audiobooks and Insatiable Reads.
In her spare time, she's been known to shake her bon-bon at Zumba, make spectacular cheesecakes, hoard vintage costume jewelry and eat way too much ice cream (Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra for the win!).

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