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Damaged Royals by Hazel Parker, J. S. Striker

Sportochick's Musings ~ WOW, this was not what I thought it would be. It was very good and not a predictable read or the same old, same old.

Damaged Royals

by Hazel Parker, J. S. Striker

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Genres ~ Paranormal Romance

Two princes. One curse … 
And one woman who can help them break it. 

Liz is barely making it. 
Working four jobs to take care of herself and her brother. 
When an injured prince lands on her doorstep, 
she has no choice but to help him. 
Soon she’s caught up in a world of intrigue and deception. 
A victim of royal politics 
and royal disdain. 
But the chemistry between her and the queen’s stepson can’t be denied, 
no matter how hard they try. 
When the queen steps in to tear them apart, 
will they claw their way through the layers of lies? 
Or will deception rule the kingdom? 

Adult Content 
*Previously published in The USA Today Bestselling Royal & Reckless Set

WOW, this was not what I thought it would be. It was very good and not a predictable read or the same old, same old.

In this story the Authors create a world where make believe becomes reality with a new spin. Rich with detail the reader will be enthralled with both of the male main characters as well as hard working Liz and her younger brother Kyle.

Prince Ben is just dreamy, gentle and caring and his attention to Kyle was heartwarming. He has a heart of gold as well as an obsessive behavior that would turn off some women and draw others in. I fell for him in the first few pages and his attention and care for Liz put him as the front runner of the two men for her heart.

Lucas, Prince Ben's bastard brother, is dark, unfriendly and dangerous. He spends his off time drinking to deal with his horrible situation but don't let that distract you from falling for him. His hidden secrets are unusual and presented in a manner that will intrigue any reader. To be honest he drew me in quickly because he seemed like the bad boy. And we all know how women love the bad boy.

Liz is my kind of intelligent strong resourceful woman. Having grown up with a troubled childhood she was protective of her younger brother doing whatever it takes to keep him safe. Sometimes three jobs but never using her body. So I never looked at her as someone with no values willing to do anything for a buck. Her values come through at the end of the book and the decision she made while talking to the Queen was superb.

Though I am not sure that the reader will be shocked with the ending it sure was tear worthy.

I give this 4 stars for being a well plotted paranormal love story that made me cry with happiness.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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REVIEW & Excerpt GIVEAWAY Tour of Healer's Need by Rhenna Morgan

When the hunter is your mate, being prey is anything but terrifying... Coyote shifter Tate Allen has been watching Elise Ralston from afar ever since he recognized her as his mate. But when an unknown stalker threatens not only Tate's clan, but Elise for the gift she was born with, Tate must risk it all to protect his family and the woman he loves. Rhenna Morgan returns with this highly anticipated steamy new release in her Ancient Ink series which fans of Kerry Adrienne's Shifter Wars will love!

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About Healer’s Need:

Title: Healer’s Need
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Digital Release Date: October 22, 2018
Mass Market Paperback Release Date: October 30, 2018
Publisher: Carina Press
Series: Ancient Ink #2
Format: Digital eBook / Print
Digital ISBN: B07DCS159H
Print ISBN: 9781982542740


When the hunter is your mate, being prey is anything but terrifying…

Coyote shifter Tate Allen has been watching. Learning his mate every possible way before he moves in. Protecting her through the night, always from afar.

He’ll be the one to teach her about her gifts. He’ll be there when she changes for the first time.

With him, she’ll fulfill her destiny.

Elise Ralston loves Tate for the patience he’s shown. The faith he’s demonstrated—denying himself what he needs sexually, even as he teaches her about pleasure.

For Tate, Elise is willing to try. To revel in touch, to give him control…and to embrace her healer’s need.

But someone unknown is still stalking the clan, threatening more than Tate and Elise’s bond. And Elise is a prime target—precious for the magic she hasn’t even learned yet.

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Book 2 of the Ancient Ink series brings the Coyote shifter, Tate Allen, to a new light for me. I had this distinct personal feeling from Guardian's Bond Book 1, that he had too much attitude. Though after reading the first few pages of this book it became clear that he was just protective of those he loved and cared for. This personality trait comes in handy for his dealings with his newly discovered mate, Elise Ralston. It was quite admirable how he was able to understand that going slow and being patient was how Elise needed to be handled due to her young adult life.

Elise has internal scars from her high school days and as they became more apparent I formed a closer bond with her character. As many people in the world, my childhood was traumatic and caused me insecurities about myself as well. I will have to say that the most amazing thing Author Rhenna Morgan did in this book that stays with me is how she laid out the spiritual mind process that Elise went through to change her internal stories that caused her such pain in her present life.

For me this book combines a mystical and spiritual feeling that is outstanding for this type of genre.

I give it 5 STARS and I recommend everybody to read it.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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Copyright© 2018 Healer’s Need
Rhenna Morgan

His hackles bristled, and a low growl rolled up his throat, his beast chiming in with its own displeasure. In the two weeks since he’d met Elise, his companion had grudgingly played along with the self-imposed distance Tate had kept between them. A distance his instincts insisted was crucial to learn and prepare for the hunt ahead. Hell, the way Elise’s heart had hammered in those first few seconds, distance had been downright necessary. The only reliable action that kept him from pinning her to the floor and taking her right then and there.

But his coyote was done with waiting. Had exhausted its patience and was ready to get on with the business of winning their mate.

Almost time. Just a few more hours.

It was more thought and emotion than actual words, the connection between man and animal as natural as his heart and lungs working in synchronization

A twig snapped.

Tate spun toward the sound, ears tweaking in the direction of soft, but steady footfalls against soil softened by April’s steady rains. Logic told him it was Jade finally showing up to do what he’d asked of her, but with Draven still on the loose and hunting clan primos, the warrior in him wasn’t willing to run on logic alone.

A second later, Jade strode into view, her long dark hair loose and swinging with each confident step, and the silver charms she’d woven into braids on one side of her head sparking in the waning sunlight. While she wasn’t his sister in the truest sense, they may as well have shared blood. He sure as hell wanted to strangle her right about now the way a blood-bound brother would.

He waited until she was within ten feet to welcome his shift, the snap and burn beneath his skin as he relinquished his animal form to the Otherworld nothing compared to the impatience twisting his insides. 

“You’re late.”

Apparently, he and his coyote weren’t the only ones in a nasty mood, because Jade snarled back at him as only a woman could, a little of her lynx mingling with the sound. “Elise is my friend, not an assignment. If you don’t want to work with my timetable, then get off your ass and engage with your mate the way you’re supposed to.”

“She’s new.”

“So? Katy was new, too, and Priest barely let her out of his sight.”

Oh, Elise hadn’t been far from him. Maybe not always visible, but aside from time spent at work with a tattoo iron in his hand or running down leads on Draven and their missing seer primo when Priest demanded it, Tate had stayed close to her. It’d meant a lot of time in coyote form to maintain control and sleeping hidden outside her home, but he’d kept as tight of a connection as he dared. “She’s different.”

Other Books in the Ancient Ink Series:

Title: Guardian’s Bond
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 27th, 2018
Publisher: Carina Press
Series: Ancient Ink #1
Format: Digital eBook / Print
Digital ISBN: B076ZQP3MR
Print ISBN: 9781335016553


Priest Rahandras has lived with the darkness trapped inside himself for years. Betrayed by his own brother and forced to watch his clan’s brutal annihilation, the only thing Priest wants more than to escape the curse that haunts him—as both man and beast—is to rebuild.

Until the mate he’s longed for walks into his life with an elder from his past. She’s everything he’s wished for, and the key to the clan’s very survival.

Kateri Falsen is a woman of logic and facts. While Priest’s cat can sense her arousal, telling her they’re fated won’t be enough. He’ll have to show her his love: with his words, with his actions, and with his body.

Protecting Kateri from the evil trapped inside him is paramount. But when lost clan members are systematically murdered, he’ll have to choose between exposing his mate to his black magic, or risking her as the next victim.

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native Oklahoman, Rhenna Morgan is a certified romance junkie. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack romantic escape full of new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who fight to keep the women they want. For advance release news and exclusive content, sign up for her newsletter at You'll also find all of her social links there, along with her smoking hot inspiration boards.

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