My Review Process

How I Review

Imagine I am sitting in a cozy chair drinking Starbucks and talking to my BFF. Yep we love to read, talk about books and discuss feelings.

I write my reviews based on feelings.

  • How do I feel about the characters, the plot, book cover and the authors writing skills?
  • Was this book believable without obvious flaws?
  • What feelings are invoked as I read?
  • What lesson did I learn?
  • Am I better for having read it?
  • Will I remember this book days, weeks, months, years from now?

I am asked quite often why I write book reviews for free.

The first time I was asked this question I had to think about how to answer because they had just spent the last few minutes lecturing me on wasting my time and money giving things away for free.

It started out as a very simple conversation. "I think I am going to do a blog on Book Reviews." But it became very clear to me that they may not ever understand that writing book reviews isn't about the money for me. I knew I had to defend my comment but have to admit my answer to them was not satisfactory and went something like this:

"Well since I was reading so fast (2-3 books a day) and so many books a year, which was adding up to quite a bit of money I wanted to find a way to slow down my reading on ebooks thus my idea of book reviewing."

Oh well not a stellar comment and when we finished lunch I quickly parted.

Later that day I was sitting in our beautiful front room reading another book with the sun shining through the windows with our prairie and trees blooming everywhere. I pondered the unsettling lunch comment from her point of view. As far as I can see there is no money in it and I have no degree or training in it. I had no idea what I was doing or even how to write a review. I finished my book and created my Sportochick's Musings Blog.

To this day I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. I have meet some wonderful authors, publicists, bloggers and made many new reader friends. Yes I still don't make money but blogging about what I read satisfies a deep down part of my soul and this brings me happiness.


  1. I can see myself writing reviews if I weren't an author writing the books--all my life I've been a serious reader. I read rather than watch TV, sometimes read rather than write my own books--not good when on deadline! But when you're planning to review a book, it allows you the perfect opportunity to read with purpose rather than merely indulging the need to enjoy a good book--you're reading to do a review. I think we're a goal-oriented society. You have a goal. Now get back to work!

    1. Kate this makes so much sense. I have always wanted to write books but my grammar needs too much work.