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5 STAR REVIEW Flame by Donna Grant

Sportochick's Musings ~ This is not a common story so I give it a big 5 STARS for the constant tension and heartbreak in this storyline.


Dark Kings #17

by Donna Grant

Publisher ~ St. Martin's Press Romance
Genres ~ Paranormal Romance

Flame is the next Dark Kings book in New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant's series.

If she believed in destiny, she would believe they were meant for each other.

But that fire was put out long ago. . .

Living among the Dragon Kings, Cain has spent lifetimes learning to distrust both mortals and Fae. He is a warrior born—and every instinct demands that he fight to keep his own kind safe. But when a fringe member of the Dark Fae contacts the Kings with an urgent warning, Cain is torn for the first time. How can he trust this beautiful creature when resisting his primal attraction to her is battle enough?

Noreen is horrified by what her kind and the malevolent Others are planning for the Dragon Kings. Dark Fae or not, there are lines she will not cross—even if it means risking her life. But she never imagined that she would risk her heart until she meets Cain. She wants him with a soul-deep desire that frightens her…and endangers them both. Is saying goodbye to everything Noreen has ever known worth a love that will span time and realms?

Cain is not a Dragon King I knew much about but in this book I found out how critical his part was in the death of the human who betrayed Ulrik. The story continues to unfold by bringing into Cain's life everything he hates causing him to grow and learn more about the Dark Fae and mortals. During this time he is faced with the fact that possibly not everything is black and white. I admire his strength to decide to leave his mate to do the right thing knowing he would never be happy again. 

Noreen is quite the shock for the reader and Cain. In my opinion she is the first really really deliberate bad girl to appear as a mate against her will. She comes across one way and then through a series of events she ends up a different way. Or does she? That is the part that adds the interest to this story. Will her hidden evilness win or will the good girl she was as a child remember everything in time? This was the very needed drama to this story.

In this story Rhi makes an appearance finally after the death of her friend Balladyn, the murdered Dark Fae King. Rhi is by far my favorite female character in this series along with Con. Both of these will star in the next book to the Dark King Series and I have waited a long time for a resolution to their unrequited love. 

This is not a common story so I give it a big 5 STARS for the constant tension and heartbreak in this storyline.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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