Friday, May 13, 2016

#BookBloggerHop May 13th - 19th - Is there a reason why?

Book Blogger Hop
The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly hop hosted by Rambling of a Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is submitted by Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews!

May 13th - 19th - Is there a reason why you choose Blogger over WordPress or a different platform? (submitted by Elizabeth) 

I have only tried Blogger but I also have an account with WordPress. I like Blogger's setup, ease of and the interaction between my gmail, calendar, You Tube, drive, and Google+. So going with Blogger was a natural move for me. Plus when I started blogging I was a Director of IT so I ask my other IT geek friends and they all agreed Blogger was the way to go.

Thanks for stopping by. Do you use Blogger or WordPress and why?

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  1. Hi, Teri!

    I agree that Blogger is very easy to use. Besides, it's much more "visible", I think, on the Internet, so first-time users will most likely gravitate to it right away.

    I did some Googling the other day, and it seems that Wordpress has more flexibility in terms of templates and plug-ins, but then, that's with the PAID version.

    Now I need to do some more research on these two blogging platforms, because I read a comment stating that Google has the right to use the content on Blogger blogs in any way they want! Say WHAT?! Gotta check this out further.....

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my own BBH post!! :)

    1. Maria. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what your research shows..... My curiosity it piqued.

  2. I much prefer Blogger too. I like the interface between other Google features as well. I'm not very tech savvy, but I know more than I did when I first started blogging years ago.

    1. Literary Feline thanks for stopping by. There are times I want to shut off my techie brain so that is why I chose this platform. My brain was overloaded and I just couldn't add anything more to it.

  3. I've never tried Wordpress, either. I know a lot of people say that Wordpress is the way to go, and when I rebooted my blog I thought long and hard about which way to go. I decided to go with what I'm familiar. I find no fault in blogger - yeah, the blogs aren't as pretty but they're good enough for my purposes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I agree I do like the prettiness of some of the Word Press blogs.

  4. So true about the access to the Google features. I like the drive and the choices of Google Docs, etc.

    Great an IT guy said Google was the way to go.

    I too have a Word Press account just so I can interact with Word Press blogs.

    ENJOY this week.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Thanks Elizabeth...I am glad you stopped by. It was more than one IT guy which was even more convincing for me.

    2. Good. They know best. :)


  5. Great answer I choose Blogger because it is easier for me too use as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    1. I see a lot of us use Blogger. I wonder if it is because Google has such a large presence.