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ARC Review ~ Bride to the Alpha by Aubrey Rose

~ Categories ~ Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters, Wolves

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What would you do to save your pack from war?

Held captive with the mark of the Scarred Prince’s pack freshly burned onto her neck, Kinaya is as scared as she’s ever been. And things are about to get a whole lot worse.

It can’t be the Calling. There’s no way that Kinaya would be fated to the greatest enemy of her pack. So why is it that whenever Alekk touches her, it’s like being struck by lightning?

As the pack marches toward war, Kinaya is struggling to keep her inner Wolf locked inside. Every time Alekk looks at her, she can’t help but think about the dark shadow in her dreams, the one she knows she is fated to. And she can’t help but imagine what would happen if they both lost control.

~ My Review ~ 4 STARS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Book 2 of the Wolf’s Pet Series starts out the way it ends exciting. This continuation of the Scarred Prince is a darker, deep, fast moving storyline. It opens with Kinaya getting branded by the Scarred Prince and her unfortunately discovering that he is her Calling.  

Kinaya is no longer the naïve immature and overprotected girl women. Being a captive in an enemy camp that thrives on brutality she matures into a strong observant leader. This is exactly what I was hoping she would develop into.

Her twin brother Blaise makes a small but impactful appearance towards the last part of the book when they attack the Scarred Prince’s pack to get his sister back. The author subtly starts portraying him as more mature due to the war and his concern for his sister. So he is finally looking more like the Alpha he is meant to be.

As with all wars someone is lost and this one was heart breaking for Kinaya. 

The Scarred Prince comes across as a brutal Alpha but sometimes things are not what they seem as he has proven in the The Scarred Prince. The author gradually builds up his character to offer you a side that others don’t see.

I loved the ending it quickly wraps up the relationship between Alekk, the Scarred Prince and Kinaya and the authenticity of the Calling in a manner that allows you to cry and smile at the same time.

I give it 4 stars and recommend this book for people who aren’t afraid of a little darkness before the light and love an HEA.

I was gifted this ARC by the author for an honest opinion

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~ Series ~ These books should be read in order
The Scarred Prince (The Wolf's Pet #1) My Review
Bride to the Alpha (The Wolf's Pet #2)

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Aubrey Rose

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Rose lives in sunny San Diego, where she likes to lay around in a hammock reading her favorite romances. When she's not writing steamy stories, she can be found dancing naked in front of the mirror to Abba while her cat watches disdainfully. 

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