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REVIEW Awakened by Fire by Erin Kellison

Awakened by Fire
(Dragons of Bloodfire #2)
by Erin Kellison

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Categories ~ Dragons, Paranormal Shifters

Get lost in a world of danger, secrets, and desire in the newest installment of bestselling author Erin Kellison’s action-packed Dragons of Bloodfire series. 

Billionaire dragon shifter and Bloodkin Triad member Warrick Voclain is no stranger to power. But when his trusted steward’s beautiful granddaughter—all grown up and successful in her own right—seems to be using illegal magic in his presence, he is thrown for a loop. And the fact that she’s doing so to protect him? Alarming. 

Samantha Vine needs to stay under the radar, or her secret gift will get her and her granddad killed. She didn’t intend for her quick visit home to stretch into weeks in Warrick’s company, but anyone striking at Warrick would also hurt her granddad. Only she has the ability to see what’s coming…though she’ll need Warrick’s help to stop it. 

The use of such magic is punishable by death, and Warrick’s position on the Triad requires that he adhere to the rule of law. But the attraction between them is electric, stirring his blood and straining his control. 

Adversaries wait in every shadow, and the easiest way to strike down a powerful dragon is to go for the heart…in Warrick’s case, Samantha. With fire and blood, he’ll reshape the world into one that’s safe for her. And those that don’t bend to his will? They will burn. 

This is the second book to the Dragons of Bloodfire series and author Erin Kellison continues to hold the reader enthralled as she weaves a story of hidden secrets that if found out would lead to death for Samantha and her grandfather. I love how fearless Samantha is with protecting her grandfather and Warrick even when she just wants to run and hide from Warrick and his mother by going back to her business and home.

This story tells of a long friendship between Samantha and Brandon which turns awkward over time. It deals with secrets that have been hidden for Samantha's whole life that come out. It speaks about compassion and anger at the same time and consequences of poor decisions. But more important it speaks about how loving someone and protecting them can also cause a loss of respect and trust in others that you love as well.

The authors words so eloquently speak of all the feelings involved in these secrets. Samantha's gift adds to a large part of this story and it is so believable that I felt that I was her walking through all her experiences as she fought to keep Warrick alive.

Warrick seemed so standoffish that it took me a while to warm up to him. I found his dedication to protecting those under his care admirable and as he got to spend more time with Samantha I quickly warmed up to him. His strategic personality is balanced by his need to protect and it shows throughout the book enhancing his character.

No book is without malice or contention and this book is full of it with really, really dynamic fighting between dragons.

I loved this book and give it 4 STARS for keeping me up all night to finish reading it. I bet you want to read it and see what all the fighting is about.

a copy was gifted for an honest review.

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Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Reveler serial, where dreaming turns dangerous. She also writes the dark fantasy romance Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series. RT calls Soul Kissed, “a dark fairy tale with a twist, perfect for readers who love passion with their fantasy.” And this year she expands her science fiction romance Sol series.

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  1. I love a good paranormal shifter book! I have not heard of this series, but I think I will need to pick it up. Great review. :)

    1. Laura you will love her books. Thank you for stopping by.