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REVIEW My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson

My Tempting Highlander
(Highland Hearts #3)
by Maeve Greyson

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Categories ~ Historical Shifter Romance, Time Travel

From the author of My Highland Bride—hailed by Sandy Blair as “an entertaining time-travel story packed with spice, humor, fantasy, and nonstop adventure”—comes a sensual novel featuring a wolf-shifting chieftain who travels centuries to modern-day Scotland to tame his one and only.

Cursed to live forever with neither wife nor child, Ronan Sutherland has watched all he cherishes turn to dust—more than once. For hundreds of years, he's been trapped behind the mists of Loch Ness, hoping to identify the one woman who is prophesied to break the spell. Now, at last, the fates have aligned, and he's being sent into the future to fetch her. After a single glimpse, Ronan knows he's been waiting all his life for this passionate woman.

Unlike her time-traveling sisters, Mairi Sinclair is perfectly content to remain in the present. As a hospital nurse in Edinburgh, she cherishes the opportunity to put her gift of healing powers to good use. But everything changes the morning a mysterious wolf darts in front of her car. Touching the wounded creature's tawny coat, a tingle surges through her. Yet when she returns with aid, Mairi is shocked to find instead a man with broad shoulders and fire in his eyes—a man who tempts her to unleash the animal within

I love time travels, especially historical ones and this time travel did not disappoint me. The storyline plays on all your emotions and continues to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering if these two can find a way to each other in spite of the events going on around them.

The Prologue starts out with the detailed description of the events around the event resulting in the witches curse that caused Ronan, his Mathair (mother) and his mentor, Graham to be stuck in an unnatural manner. The mystic presentation of this curse sets the reader up for a well written story between Ronan and Mairi.

Ronan has searched for hundreds of years for the one women to break the curse and the author does an outstanding job of portraying his strengths, weaknesses, heartbreak and sorrow around this area. His character is interesting, funny, very sexy and loving to those close to him.

Our heroine, Mairi is quite defiant to having things decided for her and she really dislikes falsehoods. This creates a fun time when Ronan comes into the future and tries to win her over with omissions in his story. She is written as an intuitive beautiful strong headed women with some soft edges that she doesn't want others to see. 

This book also setups the next book which I am excited to read. I am sure that it will be done in the same detailed standard as this one and have already added it to my reading list.

I give this book 4 STARS for being a stimulating historical time travel read.

A copy was gifted in exchange for an honest opinion via Netgalley.

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting Mairi and Ronan! Thank you for the lovely review! :-)

    1. I really enjoyed reading this book and do look forward to your next one in this series. I am thinking I should read the past ones as well.