Tuesday, November 22, 2016

REVIEW Blackfeet Season by Vella Munn

“Munn details many intriguing aspects of Native American life, including buffalo hunts, practical marriage unions and an immutable code of honor. Articulating more interiority and character development than is sometimes found in this genre, while not sacrificing the requisite action, she sturdily constructs an unpredictable tale.” —Publishers Weekly

Blackfeet Season
Soul Searchers Book 2
by Vella Munn
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Publisher ~ beyond the page publishing
Categories ~ historical fiction, native american

White Calf is a striking natural beauty whose powerful spiritual visions have made her a valued member of the Blackfeet, but a simmering feud threatens to erupt when both the tribe’s chief and a young brave announce their desire to take her as their wife. Wishing only to heal the rift, she fears her choice might endanger the very survival of her people—as well as her heart.

Raven’s Cry is gaining stature among the Blackfeet as a respected young warrior, and as the shaman’s son he is also gifted with a spiritual side. As he and White Calf form a growing bond, he knows his happiness lies in a future with her. But marrying White Calf may cause an irreparable break with the chief, and he must find a way to secure his future without fracturing the tribe.

As a brutal winter looms and the divided tribe is faced with life-threatening cold and hunger, White Calf and Raven’s Cry know that reuniting their people is the only way to survive the peril and ensure their future. As they follow the dangerous path dictated by their visions, they know they must risk their lives—and their hearts—to save the Blackfeet.

This book is seeped in Native American tradition and the reader will get a sense of how the Blackfeet and the Cree lived and thought. I was mesmerized by everything in this book but I will be honest in the first few chapters I almost DNF'd it. For those of you who don't know what that acronym means it is "Did Not Finish". I am not used to reading historical fiction and in the beginning it felt like I was in History class. Don't let this turn you off. History buffs will love it. People who aren't addicted to romance novels like me will love it. Even people like me who love to read romance and paranormal novels will love it.

For me I connected with the story when White Calf and Raven's Cry starting to interact, the story changed 100 degrees. I began to understand why the author started the book like she did and I sat back and enjoyed the unfolding story.

The words on the pages had me going back to a time where tradition was everything and people did things for the good of all. It showed how families lived together and respected the elders. More importantly is showed how love was formed within arranged marriages. But the struggle to live in a rough life was what stood out for me as well as how one could come to love someone they hated.

Within this story is two love stories, both totally different from each other. My heart was appeased with these two and how they interweaved with each other. The secondary characters where just as impactful and developed as the primary ones leaving this reader fully satisfied when the book ended.

I give this 5 STARS and recommend it for all readers who want a dynamic read with more substance.

 Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

Vella Munn is the author of more than sixty novels, including the Soul Searchers series, the Soul Survivors series, and the Montana Lakeside series. She lives in Oregon and is the mother of two, grandmother of four, wife of one, and servant to two rescue dogs.

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  1. Teri, you've made my day! I loved writing Blackfeet Season, even all the research I poured into it. It was originally published by Tor as a print book with an incredible cover showing four people walking in a snowstorm. The artist gave me a copy of just the drawing he created which I framed and have had in my office for years.

    1. I am glad you presented the book again for us to read. It is am amazing read, full of so many things I did not know about. Thanks for sharing your research and beautiful writing with us.