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REVIEW Just Wait For Me by Dawn Marie Hamilton

Sportochick's Musings ~ I know I say this a lot but I love time travels and especially well written ones. The Highland Gardens series is a fun romantic and exciting read. Each book has it own plot and there is never a feeling of "I read this before".

Just Wait For Me

(Highland Gardens #3)
by Dawn Marie Hamilton

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Publisher ~ dawn marie wolzein
Categories ~ historical romance, time travel, highlander

The third match in the Fae Queen's challenge is in play. Will fae magic change Stephen and Jillian's destiny? 

From 2013 Golden Heart® paranormal finalist Dawn Marie Hamilton comes the third full-length novel in the Highland Gardens series, 'Just Wait For Me', a sexy Scottish historical time travel romance with Highlanders, scheming faeries, a mischievous brownie, magic, adventure, and romance set in 16th century Scotland. 

In the chaotic aftermath of the battle of Flodden, an injured Highland warrior makes a vow to a twenty-first century lass cast back in time by a meddling, matchmaking faerie. Stephen MacEwen promises to find a way to send her forward to her own time. But is that an oath he'll want to keep after finding love in Jillian O'Donnell's arms? And after saving Stephen's life, will Jillian want to go? 

No matter what the lover's decide, Stephen's wife—a woman who acquired the title through deceit—and an old enemy attempt to destroy the couple's chance for happiness. Only with the help of Fae allies can Stephen and Jillian overcome and earn their reward—everlasting love. 

Journey from the trails of West Virginia to the Scottish Highlands of 1513 to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with 'Just Wait For Me'. 

I know I say this a lot but I love time travels and especially well written ones. The Highland Gardens series is a fun romantic and exciting read. Each book has it own plot and there is never a feeling of "I read this before".

A very nice twist to this time travel story with Jillian a not so willing time traveler and her relationship with Stephen. The book opens in a very dramatic Prologue that brings tears to your eyes and then jumps forward to present day. It is a great setup for the reader and will draw you right in.

The interweaving of Stephen and Jillian's love story and the stormy relationship between faerie, Catrina and Douglas, her occasional lover who owns a store in the future results in a fast paced read keeping the reader immersed in the story to the last page. This last couple appears in all the books to this series and have fascinated me from book one. 

But even more exciting is how the author brings in a mythical subject most people wouldn't approach..."lost bairns aka the changelings" in such a real manner that it opens the readers heart with compassion for their plight.

According to Wiki "changeling is a creature found in folklore and folk religion. A changeling child was believed to be a fairy child that had been left in place of a human child stolen by the fairies. The theme of the swapped child is common in medieval literature and reflects concern over infants thought to be afflicted with unexplained diseases, disorders, or developmental disabilities."

Also the author brings in a new character Prince Dugaid son of the High-Queen of the Fae. Ahhhhh the reader will fall in love with his dark character. I love the mystery built around him and I think I know his secret but it wasn't exposed in this book so I will have to be patient for the next book.

So will you give this series a try? Start with book one..see below to my reviews of this series.

I give this 5 STARS and recommend it for all readers who love Scotland and Time Travel.

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Dawn Marie Hamilton dares you to dream. She is a 2013 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist who pens Scottish-inspired fantasy and paranormal romance. Some of her tales are rife with mischief-making faeries, brownies, and other fae creatures. More tormented souls-shape shifters, vampires, and maybe a zombie or two-stalk across the pages of other stories. She is a member of The Golden Network, Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal, Celtic Hearts, and From the Heart chapters of RWA. When not writing, she's cooking, gardening, or paddling local creeks with her husband.

Enamored with everything Scottish, it's no surprise Scotland is the setting—along with the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina—for Highland Gardens, a Scottish historical time-travel fantasy romance series.

As a member of Clan Hamilton Society, Dawn Marie enjoys attending the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering of the Scottish Clans, which take place near Highland Gardens's fictitious town of Anderson Creek, North Carolina.

A Jersey girl at heart, Dawn Marie lives in Southern Maryland with her husband.

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