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REVIEW ~ Angus: A Highland Warrior Brief by Anita Clenney

Anita Clenney's new novella

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Anna brushed her hand against Angus’s back as she said goodnight. She felt the crinkle of paper. What was he hiding from her? At her door, she glanced back and saw him watching her with a worried frown.

Once in her room, she undressed and showered, all the while puzzling over the hidden paper. She was still thinking about it when she got in bed. She couldn’t sleep. Not just because of the paper Angus had hidden. She kept thinking about the Mighty Faelan locked away in his time vault and the warnings from the Watcher. Why had he dreamed about her? And could Druan have been the demon in her dream? Most warriors had vivid dreams, sometimes even visions. But this dream had felt different. More personal.

When she finally fell asleep, she dreamed of the demon again. She was running for her life, and someone was with her. He was wounded. She knew he would die if he didn’t get help. Angus? She couldn’t see him clearly, but the demon wanted her and the man dead. The demon came closer, and just as his face started to come into focus, she woke.

Anna leapt from the bed. The dagger she kept underneath her pillow was in her hand. She was shaking all over. Bloody hell. She’d never had a dream like this before. The demon could have been real, or he could have symbolized the demons of her past. Would she ever be free?

She didn’t want to go back to sleep and risk dreaming again, so she went to find Angus. If she knew him, he’d be up all night reading those papers. She used the special knock on his door, but he didn’t answer. Maybe he was asleep. She could do some snooping on her own and find what he was hiding.

He wasn’t sleeping. He wasn’t there. The box of papers was sitting on a table. Anna opened the lid and saw a death certificate. Her mother’s. What she read broke her heart.

This novella is 48 pages of an enjoyable story that brings you in and gets you hooked on this book series. For me it also opened so many questions about what happened with other characters mentioned in this book.

Angus is not only a hot sexy warrior that fights demons but is so likable with his playful inquisitiveness for solving/finding things. Angus is enjoyable because of his nerdy fascination to solve mysteries and he warrior he-man persona.

Seriously Anna his childhood friend and fellow demon slayer and he are so close that one wonders how life would be if they got together. I have to say that the ending to this novella was shocking and I can't wait for the next book and some answers.

Well, guess you will have to read it like me to find the answers too and then go order the other books to tie it all in.

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My name is Anita Clenney and I write Mysteries and Paranormal Romantic Suspense. I’ve worked in a pickle factory (picture Lucy and Ethel, hair nets and all--lasted half a day), a preschool, booked shows for Aztec Fire Dancers, been a Secretary, Executive Assistant, and a Realtor, and through it all, I’ve been in love. Sometimes it was wonderful, sometimes it hurt so bad I could hardly breathe. Then I found Mr. Right, and the two of us multiplied into a family of four. We live in Virginia, not far from Washington, DC, where we are slaves to a white Boxer named Lily, who thinks we live and breathe to buy new stuff for her to chew up. My husband is a Network Architect, and it’s a good thing because technology doesn’t like me. My son plans to be a famous hockey or football player, and my daughter will probably figure out a way to rule the world.

With scenes rolling nonstop in my head and my feet rarely on the ground, I should have realized that I was born to write much earlier in life, but alas, no. Not until I was on the wrong side of 40 did I hear the keyboard calling me. But then I tend to do things backwards.

When I decided to wrestle the stories in my imagination and dreams onto the page, my husband and kids encouraged me all the way. Even when I was in the middle of a heated battle with warriors and demons and forgot that people in the real world had to eat dinner and that dishes didn’t wash themselves, still my family supported me. Finally it paid off. After three years, eleven months and twenty-two days, I got THE CALL from my wonderful agent Christine Witthohn of Book Cents Literary Agency, who is really Wonder Woman in disguise. A publisher wanted to buy my story. MY STORY!!! Not just one, but three of them. A new journey begins and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Some of my favorite things:

God -- Family (greatest family in the world) -- Diamonds (ooh la la, do I love diamonds)  --  Blue Jeans  --  Interior Decorating (I admit I have a fetish for beautiful mirrors)  --  Trees and Summer breezes (there’s nothing better than the wind whispering in the leaves on a warm, summer day, especially if you're curled up with a book) --  Reading --  Shopping for bargains (I buy so many they’re no longer a bargain. Can you say one in every color please?)  --  Junk food (trying to control that but not having much luck) --  The TV show LOST  --  Loreena McKennitt’s music  --  Mysteries and Romance… of course  --  And my fabulous editing partner, writer Dana Rodgers, another of my favorite things. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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