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Sold to the Sheikh (Club Volare #1) by Chloe Cox ~ Book Review ARC

~ Blurb ~
Stella Spencer is grateful for any job she can get after her divorce, even if it's at her friend's exclusive BDSM club. And Club Volare proves the perfect place to hide while she mends a shattered heart--until she interrupts an auction scene, and the powerful Sheikh Bashir al Aziz bin Said decides that Stella is the woman that he wants.

At Club Volare for one last wild weekend before his family requires him to settle down, Sheikh Bashir doesn't expect to find a woman he can trust, or a woman who challenges him. But Stella Spencer is a challenge, all right: both vulnerable and guarded, beautiful and insecure, and a closet submissive. Only, Bashir is convinced she's hiding something.

Stella is afraid to open her heart to love again after the way she's been hurt, but Sheikh Bashir wants to be the Dom to show her who she truly is--and Sheikh Bashir always gets what he wants.

I was given this ARC for an honest opinion.

~ My Review ~ 3.5 Stars
There is something about this book that compels you to read it to the end. The author works out the internal struggles Stella has with her self dialog in a way that you go wow. I really liked how she had BDSM scenes happen and then explained what personal lesson Stella got from it about herself

This is a book that kind of hits you hard as you can see not only yourself in some of Stella's self depreciation and guardedness but you learn the same lessons she does. 

Even more interesting is how Sheikh Bashir, her Dom, develops throughout his teaching Stella to submit and open up. Eventually he, himself learns probably the greatest lesson of all.

Though there were areas that seemed to stall in the beginning when I persisted through I was very glad I did. For this reason I give this a 3.5 STAR but I am going to read the next books to this series.

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