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REVIEW ~ Heart Of A Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

Heart Of A Highland Warrior 
by Anita Clenney

 Genre ~ Paranormal romance, time travel
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 A bloodthirsty evil stalks the Connor Clan…

Brave, beautiful, and haunted by her past, demon hunter Anna MacKinley will do anything to help the Connors. Under divine orders, the headstrong warrior travels the world, slaying demons and vampires. When she stumbles upon a hidden stone fortress while searching for her clan’s lost Book of Battles, dark forces swiftly imprison her—and she discovers her cell mate is a gorgeous Scottish warrior who has no memories, but looks strikingly familiar.

And only a secret from the past can win the day…and her heart.

The warriors of the centuries-old Connor Clan search for their missing time-vault and the powerful relic within. What they find is a grave…and a kilt-clad body they fear is the long-lost Tavis Connor. But there may yet be more to the Highland warrior’s fate than a pile of bones. Desperate to save his brother and his clan’s Book of Battles from a demon hell-bent on destruction, Tavis begins a 150-year quest that will end in modern-day New York. But when he wakes, he discovers he’s the one in need of help. His only hope of rescue is a bonny lass who claims to be a warrior. A warrior waging war on demons…and his heart.

This is a story that is hard to review because anything I say would ruin the story for the reader. This takes place right after her Angus book so there is a lot of referring back to what happened in that book. So though this will seem like an ambiguous review it can't be helped. I hate spoiler's and I know you do as well.

Ms. Clenney does a great job of weaving an intriguing story about Anna and her two cell mates imprisoned in a hidden stone fortress. One is a stranger who has no idea who he is but she feels like she knows him even though they have never meet. The other is just scary but reminds her of someone she once knew.

Anna is a strong warrior women who never wants to marry and have kids. After finding out the secret about her unknown father she is more determined than ever.

What I find even more interesting in this book is the fact that it took me a while to figure out who the amnesia man was. With all the reading I do I almost always guess early and exact, so though this was a frustration for me I was intrigued and on a quest to solve the mystery. 

The scary mystery man kept me guessing till the very end and it was a shock. I can't wait to see how the next book starts and if it takes up from this shocking ending.

I do recommend reading this series in order. They are a fast exciting read. Please check the bottom of this blog for the reading order of this series and the character list.

My name is Anita Clenney and I write Mysteries and Paranormal Romantic Suspense. I’ve worked in a pickle factory (picture Lucy and Ethel, hair nets and all--lasted half a day), a preschool, booked shows for Aztec Fire Dancers, been a Secretary, Executive Assistant, and a Realtor, and through it all, I’ve been in love. Sometimes it was wonderful, sometimes it hurt so bad I could hardly breathe. Then I found Mr. Right, and the two of us multiplied into a family of four. We live in Virginia, not far from Washington, DC, where we are slaves to a white Boxer named Lily, who thinks we live and breathe to buy new stuff for her to chew up. My husband is a Network Architect, and it’s a good thing because technology doesn’t like me. My son plans to be a famous hockey or football player, and my daughter will probably figure out a way to rule the world.

With scenes rolling nonstop in my head and my feet rarely on the ground, I should have realized that I was born to write much earlier in life, but alas, no. Not until I was on the wrong side of 40 did I hear the keyboard calling me. But then I tend to do things backwards.

When I decided to wrestle the stories in my imagination and dreams onto the page, my husband and kids encouraged me all the way. Even when I was in the middle of a heated battle with warriors and demons and forgot that people in the real world had to eat dinner and that dishes didn’t wash themselves, still my family supported me. Finally it paid off. After three years, eleven months and twenty-two days, I got THE CALL from my wonderful agent Christine Witthohn of Book Cents Literary Agency, who is really Wonder Woman in disguise. A publisher wanted to buy my story. MY STORY!!! Not just one, but three of them. A new journey begins and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Some of my favorite things:

God -- Family (greatest family in the world) -- Diamonds (ooh la la, do I love diamonds)  --  Blue Jeans  --  Interior Decorating (I admit I have a fetish for beautiful mirrors)  --  Trees and Summer breezes (there’s nothing better than the wind whispering in the leaves on a warm, summer day, especially if you're curled up with a book) --  Reading --  Shopping for bargains (I buy so many they’re no longer a bargain. Can you say one in every color please?)  --  Junk food (trying to control that but not having much luck) --  The TV show LOST  --  Loreena McKennitt’s music  --  Mysteries and Romance… of course  --  And my fabulous editing partner, writer Dana Rodgers, another of my favorite things. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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~ Reading Order and Review of Series ~ But the order can be switched. Faelan is a prequel so it could be read first.
Awaken the Highland Warrior ~ my review Amazon ~ Buy
Faelan: A Highland Warrior Brief my review Amazon ~ Buy
Embrace the Highland Warrior my review Amazon ~ Buy
Angus: A Highland Warrior Brief my review Amazon ~ Buy
Jamie: Shadow of a Highland Warrior my review Amazon ~ Buy
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Heart of a Highland Warrior Character List
19th Century Characters
Faelan Connor – Legendarywarrior from 19th century who wakes up 150 years later in a timevault
Tavis Connor – 19th century warrior who follows hisbrother Faelan to the 21st century
McGowan – (Aiden Connor) Fatherof Faelan, Tavis, and Ian
Ian Connor – Brother of Faelanand Tavis Connor
Bessie – Ian’s wife
Alana Connor – Sister of Faelan,Tavis, and Ian
Liam Connor – Brother ofFaelan and Tavis who was killed young
Marna – girl who likes Tavis
Isabel and Frederick – Bree’sgreat-great grandparents who knew the Connors in the 19thcentury
Quinn Douglass – Keeper of theBook

21th Century Characters
Anna MacKinley – Warrior
Bree – Faelan’s wife and Shay’s half-sister
Shay Logan –  Cody’s fiancée and Bree’s half-sister
Cody MacBain – Warrior and Shay’s fiancé
Marcas MacBain – Warrior and Cody’s brother
Lachlan MacBain – Warrior and Cody’s brother
Ewan MacBain – Retired warrior and father of Cody, Marcas, and Lachlan
Laura MacBain – Mother of Cody, Marcas, and Lachlan
Jamie Waters – Warrior and Shay’s ex-fiancé
Samantha Skye – FBI agent who likes Jamie
Ronan Connor – Warrior and Declan’s twin
Declan Connor – Warrior and Ronan’s twin
Edward – Bree and Shay’s father
Layla – Bree’s mother who died at 25
Nina – Shay’s aunt who raised her
Matilda – Nina’s cousin
Angus – Deceased warrior and Anna’s friend
Niall – Warrior
Shane – Warrior
Duncan – Warrior who’s in love with Sorcha
Sorcha – Warrior who flirts with Duncan
Tomas – Warrior and clan medic
Brodie – Warrior
Sean Connor – Warrior and Keeper of the Book
Coira – Sean’s wife and clan nurse
Old Elmer – mysterious hermit

Voltar – Ancient demon
Tristol – Ancient demon with a secret
Druan – Deceased ancient demon
Malek – Deceased ancient demon
Bart – Dungeon guard
Lance – Dungeon guard

The Dark One – Creator of demons and vampires

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