Sunday, June 15, 2014

Like A Curse by Keira Levett ~ Book Review ARC

I was given this ARC for an honest opinion. 

Blurb ~ Logan Randall must marry to prevent a pack war and secure an alliance for his pack. His fiancĂ©e is everything Logan wants in a wife, but the problem is, she's not the one who makes his blood burn.

Now that she's a werewolf and a freak, Freya has enough problems as it is. Attraction to an engaged man is the last thing she needs on top of that, no matter how handsome he is. Logan drives her crazy. He's bossy and possessive, even though he has no right to be. She hates him and hates what he does to her. He makes her weak for him and needy, and she makes him want something he shouldn't want.

It's wrong and reckless. They know they shouldn't. They know they can't.

This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adult audiences only. #1 in the Randall Family series, but it is a complete, stand-alone story.

My Review ~ After reading the book I looked up the author for more of her books and I was quite shocked to see this was her first book. Wow nice start.

In the beginning I had a hard time getting into immature Freya. Her wanting to be turned because it was cool drove me crazy. I like the fact that she did mature as the story grew. I really appreciate her ability to stick to her promise to herself when the wedding between Logan and Vanessa approached.

Logan I got right away. He's sense of responsibility to his clan and also his needs to make amends for something he did in the past that caused loss to his clan shows a strength of character. I like the way the author kept cranking up the sexual tension between the two with Logan's wedding quickly approaching. You really need to read this for the very interesting twist to the ending,

Now I really need to know what is going on between Logan's twin sister Sandra and Hunter but it looks like I need to wait till she writes it...

~ About The Author ~ Keira Levett

An avid reader, writer, and mother of two boys, Keira has always loved stories--hearing them, creating them and telling them. She loves many genres, but romance has a special place in her heart.
Keira has a long-standing weakness for alpha males, stuffy dukes, and anti-heroes, but she's of the opinion that even villains need some love, too. Her books are intended for adult audiences only. They contain graphic language and very steamy sex.

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