Wednesday, March 9, 2016

REVIEW Hung by Holly Hart

A Bad Boy Romance
by Holly Hart
I didn't see him coming.
He won't let me stop...

Categories ~ Adult Contemporary, Rockstar
Audience 18+ 
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I didn't see him coming.
He won't let me stop...
Clay 'Hung' Hunt's everything I'm not: a ripped, raunchy bad boy who's totally off the rails.
He's as likely to break my career as he is to make it.
But I can't stop thinking about him...
After our unexpected duet goes viral, Clay's manager thinks he's found their ticket back to the top of the charts - me. I'm a real, urban chocolate chick with a voice that melts hearts - and the kind of squeaky clean reputation that'll get the label off Clay's back.
The problem? The only thing that 'Hung' thinks with is his c**k.
Clay doesn't ask if I'm okay with faking a relationship to prove to the label he's changed - he decides. I should refuse, but I don't... So when he gets it into his head that a baby's the thing that'll send our record to Number 1, how can I say no?
Full length novel. No Cliffhanger. Happily Every After
Health Warning: Hung is a sexy, thigh clenching and lip-biting romantic novel that'll have your panties dripping wet. If you don't like raucous bad boys and lots (...and lots) of sex, then this isn't the book for you.

Well , well, well, what can I say. This is not a typical Rockstar novel though it touches on the subjects of too much drinking, sex with numerous women, and a bad attitude it also touches a lot on feelings.

The book opening between Alicia and Keisha cracked me up. I remember listening to conversations like theirs and quite possibly participated in a few myself. So of course it was believable and amusing. Alicia is dedicated to making her singing career happen and throughout the book you will see her making wise career decisions with some occasional personal not quite so wise decisions that adds lots of spice to the story.

Hung, what a nickname, is really a mess. A hot, hot, hot mess and the book goes into detail with why he has that nickname causing one to start to fan themselves. I like that there is more to him as the book progresses so you see a deeper part of him and the cracks in his behavior start to give the reader glimpses of why he is out of control.

For me the start of the book was slow to grab my attention but as I read further into the book it developed into a book that expanded with intensity and feelings. A shared past experience between Hung and his manager, Mike made me cry. It was written superbly filled with deep emotions, sadness and deep love.

I give this 3.75 STARS.

An ARC was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

Holly Hart is the pen name of a romance author was born in Chicago but who now plies her trade in wet and windy Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and - more importantly her pet pug. Holly uses the pen name because it allows her to write bad, bad boys, dark plots and strong heroines, and to be completely unafraid to experiment! She passes the long, dark and freezing cold winters by settling down in a coffee shop behind her keyboard and imagining much spicier scenes to keep her warm. If only the other customers knew exactly what she was writing!
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