Friday, April 1, 2016

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This week’s question is submitted by Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews!

April 1st - 7th - Have you ever ventured out of your comfort zone in terms of reading a genre you have never read? If so, did you get hooked on that new genre? (submitted by Elizabeth)

Yikes....yes I have. I had never read Dystopia or Erotica and I was asked to review some books. I thought what the heck sure I'll try hard can it be. 

Dystopia was a wild ride in the sense that it was harder for me to solve the puzzle of the plot and I had to think harder as to how the story could be resolved. I have read some I really love and I DNF many as they were too disjointed for me. I am not hook on this genre exactly but certain authors I will always read because their writing is so well done.

Erotica....well that was a whole other story. Several years ago I read Fifty Shades of Grey which is now tame to other stories I have read. I was extremely uncomfortable with the first book, then curious about what was being written about so read other books and a larger variety of authors. I got intrigued by things being described and wondering how would they know how to write this stuff. And I can't say I have became hooked on this but have read some that are not BDSM with more of a plot with true meaning instead of sensationalization to shock. 

To be honest at this point in time almost every book including Historical Romance has erotica in it because the love scenes are extremely detailed about every minute detail and step of what they are doing. I can't say that I am hooked on it, though I do review a bit of it. 

I love my Historical Romance, Time Travel and Paranormal Romance the best.

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  1. I like historicals and paranormals, too. However, I totally dislike erotica. Not only are the sex scenes much too graphic (pornographic, actually), but these novels frequently include BDSM, which I absolutely detest. "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a book I hate, just from knowing what it's about. Of course, I hate the sequels, too. I can't imagine WHY so many women love these books. The female protagonist is totally humiliated in these novels. UGH.

    Thanks for sharing, and for commenting on my own BBH post! Have a great weekend!! :)

    1. Maria thanks for stopping by. I was talking to some friends of mine and we were discussing that more main stream writers are also going this way. We also thought society was accepting it more. I do love my historical and paranormal romances the most of all.

  2. Good to hear you have ventured out.

    I rarely do, and I mean rarely to the point of NEVER. :)

    I hope you are having a good weekend, and thanks for coming by my blog and for the TWEETS. :)

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. I still like my best reads which I have read forever.

  3. I know what you mean about many romance type novels today falling seeming to veer into erotica territory. I admit I am more partial to the clean romances--I love the actual romance of a story where the couple falls in love rather than everything that happens in the bedroom (or wherever). Still, I enjoy some of those too, depending in the characters and story. Historical romance is rather hit and miss for me, but I do love a good paranormal romance and suspense thrillers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Literary Feline. I do love my Paranormal Romances.